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A graduate of Centrale Lille and Marseille with a M.Eng. in Information Technologies, I have over 5 years of experience working as a software engineer for international companies and research labs.

I had the opportunity to improve my expertise in the entire software development cycle working for various companies and organisations.



Actenum develops operational scheduling and optimization software.

I work as Full-Stack Software engineer and designed and implemented Actenum's first web application from the bottom up. This product, DSO/CX, is now used by 4 of the top Oil and Gas companies in the US and by more than 500 users.

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Metacreation Lab

The Metacreation Lab works on the idea of endowing machines with creative behavior. Metacreation involves using tools and techniques from artificial intelligence, artificial life, and machine learning to develop software that is creative on its own.

I worked with Pr. Philippe Pasquier on a genetic programming platform to evolve sound synthesizers and presets.

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Infrastructure department

SNCF is the national French railway company. It operates, develops and maintains the national rail services, including the TGV, France's high-speed train.

I worked with the infrastructure department on the software that helps maintain level crossings.

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SMAC team

LIFL is the primary Computer Science Laboratory of Lille and works on Software Infrastructures and Embedded Systems, Calculus Algorithms and Computer vision.

I worked with the SMAC (Multi-Agents Systems and Behaviors) and developed a JAVA applet to illustrate one of their projects.

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Embedded Radio team

Thales Communications is a leading military manufacturer of tactical communications equipment.

I worked with the Embedded Radio team on the radio software embedded in the Rafale fighter.

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actenum dso/cx

Actenum - Full-Stack Software Engineer

I designed and implemented back end (JAVA/Play Framework) and front end (ExtJS) for Actenum's first web application. After the first version successfully released, I took part of the effort to grow Actenum's development team and transitioned our stack to JAVA/Jersey (back end) and ReactJS (front end). As a member of a small team, I was also in charge of implementing and maintaining Actenum's cloud infrastructure and DevOps environment (CI, Git, deployment...).

Metacreation Lab - Research Assistant

I designed, developed and tested a genetic programming platform in Python for evolving sound synthesizers as part of an industrial partnership with Teenage Engineering . I distributed code on the Bugaboo cluster using DTM and mpi4py ( Westgrid–ComputeCanada ). I also benchmarked sets of configurations for this platform and statistically analysed the results using Matlab.

fitness landscape

level crossing

SNCF - Software Engineer Intern

I planned, organized and managed an intranet application project dedicated to the security examinations of level crossings. I developed and maintained this application that uses ASP.NET and SQLServer technologies. I also analyzed end user needs through field based observation and interviews.

LIFL - Research Assistant

I worked on an artificial intelligence project which aimed to develop an innovative system for generating virtual agents in multi-agent system environments. We worked in collaboration with the car company: Renault and the virtual reality company: Oktal to implement this new system in their car simulator © SCANeR . I was in charge of developing a JAVA applet to illustrate this innovative system.

Renault Simulator

Rafale fighter

Thales Communications - Software Engineer Intern

I automated the testing platform for the radio software embedded in the Rafale fighter using the IBM's proprietary software: RTRT . I Developed a tool in Perl to analyze the test results.